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“Radu Marian-Valeriu” lawyer`s office is organised and registered in accordance with the law and with UNBR provisions. The attorneys holder, Mr. RADU Marian-Valeriu, is a a member of Bucharest Bar Association.

We offer our clients legal assistance at professional standards in the fields of civil law, criminal law, commercial law (including insurance law), family law, labour law, copyright law, realestate as well as legal representation in any court of law irrespective of rank and with any public authority of the Romanian state.

We are aware that the clients’ success depends also on the quality of the legal counselling we offer and this is the detail that really makes the difference. Our lawyer office follows and puts to use the ideas, goals and the expectations its clients have while seeking to achieve the aimed goal, that is to favourably solve the litigations for which we were employed by our clients.

Our office is able to counsel its clients even from the early stage of drafting a contract, while its clauses are negotiated by the parties, until the final stage of its signing guaranteeing proper legal assistance and competence. At the same time, we offer our clients the legal assistance even from the beginning of the litigations, either criminal or family (criminal prosecution, divorces, legal partition, paternity tests, establishing mother/father filiation, etc.).

While conducting its specific activities, our lawyer office guides itself by the following principles and standards:

  • Legal services and professional assistance at the highest levels;
  • Following the assumed obligations;
  • Respect;
  • Mutual trust;
  • Confidentiality.